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Meet Adeline

Meet Adeline, a Political Science and Education Studies double major and , from Akron, Ohio (Our Lady of the Elms High School), and learn about her experience at Miami University.


Meet Adeline

Favorite space on campus:

Art and Architecture Library and the Art Center in Phillips Hall

Why Miami?

I chose Miami because I wanted the resources of a big university with the tight-knit college town feel and the liberal arts curriculum. Whenever I walk around campus, I run into someone I know. I've always known I wanted to study abroad, so Miami's Luxembourg program was the other major factor in my decision. I began planning for that during my first-ever advising appointment.

What advice you would give to your first-year self?

Put yourself out there and embrace the uncomfortable; everything is a learning experience! Not every major, club, or internship is for you, and that's okay. You don't know what you like until you try it. Miami has made it easy for me to explore my interests and add some texture to my college experience.

Tell us something about your major:

Education Studies is the perfect program to learn more about how education impacts all aspects of our lives and why it is so important for supporting a democratic society. I've worked alongside future museum curators, performers, child life specialists, and political theorists-- it's not just for pre-service teachers. Combined with my Political Science degree, my academic focus has been on educational policy.

Student organizations/activities:

  • Urban Cohort
  • Honors College
  • Student Worker in the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity

Research Experience:

During my semester in Luxembourg, I worked on a project about affordable housing with Dr. Tammy Schwartz. My research focused on affordable housing policies in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the US vs Luxembourg and the European Union. Fun fact: Luxembourg is the world's richest country by GDP per capita!

Study abroad experience:

I spent Spring 2023 in Luxembourg. My four months in Luxembourg were exciting, sometimes challenging, and overall transformative. I absolutely loved living with my host family, Crici and Ninelle, and I visited 15 different countries throughout the semester. Being able to immerse yourself in central Europe for the same price as Ohio tuition is an unbeatable opportunity. Over spring break 2024, I'm flying back to Luxembourg, staying with my host family, and of course, visiting the gorgeous Chateau and my favorite cafe next door.


I spent the Summer of 2022 in the Civic Summer Fellows program with Dr. Knight-Abowitz at Project GRAD Akron. In the Summer of 2023, I interned at Ignite Peace in Over-the-Rhine through the Urban Cohort Summer Immersion Program under Dr. Tammy Schwartz & Dr. Karen Zaino. Both internships connected me with mentors outside of Miami and gave me a much better idea of what I want to do after college. As I searched for my post-grad job, I could reference my projects and my growth thanks to these experiences.

Who has been your favorite professor and why?

Dr. Tammy Schwartz is the definition of a mentor. She has been my biggest cheerleader in securing internships and encouraging my research interests, and she truly lives out her philosophy of connecting with the community. She walks the walk and invites everyone to join her along the way.

Plans for the future:

After graduation, I will move to Indianapolis and work as a consultant with CSpring through the Orr Fellowship. Orr is a two-year post-undergraduate business and entrepreneurial Fellowship focusing on personal and professional development. I was connected with this opportunity through the Miami network, so don't be afraid to reach out to alumni. In my experience, Miami grads love to connect with current students.