Career Courses

EDL 100 Course: Career Development for College Students

This 2-credit course will assist students in selecting a college major or career cluster that is appropriate for them based on their interests and passions. Emphasis is placed on skills, abilities and interests and how to connect those skills/interests to a major or career cluster.

Students will have a solid understanding of the resources available to them as they continue to explore their interests and career path and what opportunities are available to them as first year and second year students. The main goal is for the student to make an informed and educated selection of a college major or career cluster that is relevant to their interests, skills and passions.

EDL 100 Learning Outcomes

Explore interests, values, personality and skills along with career opportunities, resources, and future work trends to help make informed decisions about your career.

EDL 100 is designed for students who have not declared a major yet or are feeling unsure about their current major. This course would also benefit students who want to explore career options with their current major.

EDL 302: Career Entry Skills

This 2-credit Job Search & Professional Prep course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of planning and organizing a job search and/or applying to graduate school, and to prepare them for entrance into the workforce as new professionals.

Emphasis is placed on personal goal setting, assessment of individual strengths and values, the merit and advantages of a liberal arts degree, job market analysis, effective use of job search tools (e.g. resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking) and development of a realistic picture of professional behaviors that employers expect from entry-level employees and that academics expect from graduate students.

EDL 302 Learning Outcomes

Learn how to communicate skills and experience through job/internship search documents, networking and interview events, plus utilize resources and techniques to launch a job/internship or graduate school search. 

EDL 302 is ideal for students in their junior or senior year who are beginning their career or job search process and want to develop techniques to improve communication and professionalism while utilizing resources to assist with the search process.