Interview for Success


Why Should I Attend An Interview for Success Program? 

This program – both virtual and in-person — offers you a competitive advantage. Learn the components of an interview: what it is, strategies, techniques, and resources to succeed with your next interview.

We recommend this workshop before a mock interview, an internship interview, an on-campus employer interview, or even interviewing with a fraternity/sorority or student organization. 

Interview for Success Programs

Peer Career Coach Presentations

If you would like to request the Interview for Success Workshop for a group of ten students or more, please fill out our presentation request form.

Zoom FAQs

  1. Open an Incognito Window in Chrome browser by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting Incognito Window
  2. Login into Zoom with your Miami credentials via this link:
  3. Make sure to select the "Sign In with SSO" option 

If you are having trouble signing into Zoom for the Interview for Success Workshop, please consider the below solutions:

Are you trying to log into Zoom with the right information?

Your Zoom login is tied to single sign-on (SSO) through your Miami University credentials, so be sure to select the "Sign In with SSO" option when you're logging in to the Zoom app rather than "Sign In with Google."

Also, when you're prompted to enter Miami's company domain, don't include ".edu". Zoom is asking for our Zoom web portal's URL (, not your email address. 

Are you logging into Zoom through the desktop app rather than your browser? 

When you click a link to join a Zoom meeting, a new tab will open, and the desktop app should launch. (It's called "Zoom Client for Meetings.")  Although you'll see a message in that tab that says, "If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser," you should not click this link. Instead, make sure that you have the desktop app downloaded, installed, and that it launches for your meeting. 

If you experience issues downloading, installing, or running Zoom's desktop app on your own computer or a university-owned computer, contact IT Services.

Still have issues?

In case if the above options don't resolve your issue, check the Troubleshooting section of Miami Resources for Students or contact the Miami IT Help Support Desk: (513) 529-7900