Accident Reporting/Claims

Accident Reporting

Miami University is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all employees, students, and visitors. In order to provide the safest environment possible, it is important that all incidents resulting in injury or illness be reported to the University so the problem can be investigated, and further injury or illness can be prevented.

In the event of an accident involving a motor vehicle, a Vehicle Accident Report must be submitted by the driver in addition to any required .

For all other accidents, one of two forms should be completed by the Miami University department that experienced or was made aware of the incident that resulted in injury or illness. If the incident involved an employee, the Occupational Injury/Illness Form should be completed. If the incident involved a student or visitor, the Non-Occupational Injury/Illness Form should be completed. Both of these forms can be found on the home page of the Environmental Safety and Risk Management’s website. This reporting form will be reviewed by the Office of Environmental Safety and followed up with the reporting department as appropriate.

For questions regarding insurance, accidents involving a motor vehicle or claims against the University, please contact Rosanne Gulley at or 513-529-4226.

For questions regarding accidents, please contact Jeff Johnson at or 513-529-1723.

University Property Damage Reporting

Miami University is a member of the IUC Risk Management & Insurance Consortium (IUC-RMIC) which provides property coverage for the University.  The IUC-RMIC requires timely and proper reporting of claims so that insurance coverage is not jeopardized and ensures claims are resolved and paid timely, when coverage applies. Since late reporting of a claim can result in a denial of coverage or a reduced claim settlement, please submit this form at your earliest convenience for any University owned property damage or loss that may exceed more than $25,000.  This would typically be damages to buildings or grounds.  This form is not appropriate for damage to personal property.  

Procedures for filing damage or injury claims

Personal Injury or Property Damage

Under the Ohio Revised Code, liability for a claim against Miami University which alleges property damage or personal injury as a result of the action or failure to act by the university or its employees (other than motor vehicle claims) may only be determined by the Ohio Court of Claims.

Civil actions against the university for $10,000 or less are determined administratively by the clerk of the court. Any such claim must be filed on a complaint form prescribed by the Supreme Court and provided by the court. Claims for amounts greater than $10,000 are determined by a judge of the court.

O.R.C. requires that if a plaintiff receives or is entitled to receive benefits for injuries or loss allegedly incurred from a policy or policies of insurance or any other source, the benefits shall be disclosed to the court, and the amount of the benefits shall be deducted from any award against Miami University recovered by the plaintiff.

Information and forms are available on the Court of Claims.

Motor Vehicle Claims

Claims involving the operation of Miami University owned or leased vehicles must be reported to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Business Services (513-529-4225) as soon as possible. Accidents must be reported using the Vehicle Accident Report. Incidents which result in significant injury to a driver or passenger should be reported immediately to Carl Warren at 800-721-8802 or online at

In addition to completing the Vehicle Accident Report, claims involving vehicles rented by Miami University through a rental company should also be reported as soon as possible to the rental company.