Vehicle Use

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The safety of students, faculty, staff, and our communities is a primary focus of Miami University. The operations of Miami University, at times, necessitate faculty, staff, students, and volunteers operating vehicles and other motorized equipment. 

The MUPIM Motor Vehicle policy sets forth the requirements for drivers who operate University insured vehicles. Several University departments/divisions collaborated to develop the policy and the intent of the policy is to proactively manage the use of our vehicles, establish minimum qualifications for our drivers, and decrease the number and severity of auto accidents.   

Motor Vehicle Policy Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The following questions apply to the Motor Vehicle Use Policy.

Why do we need a Motor Vehicle Use Policy?

Having a policy that spells out who is authorized to drive and that establishes driver standards is best practices. Additionally, Implementation of a vehicle use policy puts us in line with our peer institutions.

What is the benefit to Miami University?

The benefit for Miami is that we will now have a policy that proactively manages the use of our vehicles, establishes minimum qualifications for our drivers, and decreases the number and severity of auto accidents.

How does this policy compare to the point system used in many states?

There is no correlation. State point systems address general driving privileges within a state. The University’s system reflects our tolerance for and ability to absorb vehicle risk exposures.

Do I have to be an approved driver to drive a short-term rental through a rental car company such as Enterprise, National, or Hertz?

No, individuals renting vehicles to conduct University business from Enterprise/National or other entity under a University-contracted rental program are not required to complete the Motor Vehicle Use Agreement or be an Approved Driver, but must have a valid driver's license and must adhere to the safe driving practices contained in this Policy as well as all applicable traffic laws.

What office will be responsible for insuring the enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Use Policy?

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services will oversee the policy and work collaboratively with HR and other departments.

What is a long-term leased vehicle?

These are vehicles rented by departments under a contractual agreement whereby Miami University is responsible to insure the vehicles.  This is not a short term rental through the local Enterprise office.

If I allow a volunteer to drive a University owned or long-term leased vehicle, do they need to be an Approved Driver?

Yes, the policy applies to all drivers.

Am I permitted to rent a 15 passenger van?

No, 15 passenger vans MAY NOT be rented, driven, or used by Miami University employees, students or volunteers for university related business or activities.

If I am driving my personal vehicle for University business, will my insurance have to respond if there is an accident?

Yes, when driving a personal vehicle, even for university business, the owner’s insurance policy covering the vehicle is considered primary for both liability and physical damage. Insurance maintained by the University, if it applies, will be excess of the employee’s personal automobile liability limits.

Driver Qualification Questions

The following questions apply to drive qualifications as part of the Motor Vehicle Use Policy.

What violations prevent you from being an approved driver?

DUI/OWI drugs or alcohol; Negligent homicide via a vehicle; Use of an auto in commission of a felony; Aggravated assault with a vehicle, Operating without a license; Reckless driving, Leaving the scene of an accident; Hit and Run

Will a speeding ticket be a violation?

No, please see the list above for violations considered.

If after a review of my motor vehicle check, it is determined that I am NOT an approved driver, will this affect my ability to keep certain jobs?  If so, who determines this and how is it handled?

Drivers found on a motor vehicle check to have a violation per the Motor Vehicle policy will lose their privilege to operate a University owned or long-term leased vehicle.  Human Resources will work with these departments to see if an alternative solution can be found.  

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Questions

The following questions apply to the Motor Vehicle Record check.

Do I have to consent to a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check?

Yes. A Motor Vehicle Use Agreement authorization form is required. Once authorization is received, it does not expire.

What happens if I refuse to give Miami University authorization to run my MVR?

A driver who refuses to give authorization for an MVR will no longer be authorized to operate a University owned or long-term leased vehicle.

If I had a violation five (5) years ago, will it affect my driving privileges?

No, only violations in the last three (3) years will be reviewed and considered.

Will MVRs be reviewed prior to an offer of employment?

Yes, if the job description requires or may require driving a University owned or long-termed leased vehicles.

How long will it take to have an MVR check run?

Results of MVR reviews will typically be communicated in 5 business days.

What if I have a violation that prevents me from becoming an Approved Driver?

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services will refer this to the appropriate Human Resource area.

How will a supervisor know that a driver is approved?

If the supervisor’s name is entered on the Motor Vehicle Use Agreement, the driver and supervisor will be notified when I driver becomes an Approved Driver.  The supervisor may also be granted access to the Approved Driver list maintained by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services.

Training Questions

The following question applies to training required by the Motor Vehicle Use Policy.

Is van safety training required by all drivers?

Yes, the University now requires that all drivers successfully complete passenger van safety training in advance of driving a large passenger van or utility van (with a wheelbase greater than 125 inches).