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FSB Innovation Factory

The Farmer School of Business Innovation Factory is a hub for Celebrating, Accelerating, and Incubating innovation. Please browse below to learn more, get involved, or support some of our most exciting programs, initiatives, and innovations.


What does FSB Innovation Factory Accelerator do?

  • Create your Advisory Board
  • Help recruit industry professionals to occupy board positions
  • Help recruit student support
  • Seek support in grant writing or fundraising by making connections
  • Create momentum with media support
  • Accept and distribute donations
  • Turn “me-to” opportunities into “Only at FSB” through facilitation

Welcome to the Innovation Factory at Farmer School of Business, where groundbreaking ideas come to life and creativity knows no bounds. Step into a realm where innovation thrives, and transformative solutions are nurtured, setting the stage for a new era of entrepreneurial excellence and academic ingenuity.

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Graduate Programs

The Farmer School of Business graduate programs foster a dynamic learning environment that bridges theoretical concepts with real-world applications.

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Solutions that promote environmental consciousness, social equity, and economic viability for a more sustainable future.

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Digital Economy

Groundbreaking evolution in the realm of cybersecurity has become an urgent necessity, as the advancement of technology demands innovative solutions to protect our information, digital assets, and privacy.

Innovation Factory

800 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056