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Center for Real Estate Finance and Investment

The Center for Real Estate Finance and Investment is a hub of intellectual exploration and practical innovation, distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach, academic rigor, and global perspective. Rooted in a commitment to academic study and applied learning, our center is dedicated to fostering critical thinking and nurturing an innovative spirit among its students and scholars. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a new generation of commercial real estate thought leaders and creators who are not only equipped to navigate the complex world of commercial real estate but are also driven to effect meaningful change in the industry. Through this unique blend of academic excellence and practical acumen, the Center for Real Estate and Finance provides a solid foundation upon which our students can build successful and transformative careers in the dynamic field of commercial real estate.

Innovative Education

The Center for Real Estate Finance and Investment is poised to achieve its objectives through a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge academic programs, hands-on experiential learning opportunities such as mock investment presentations and case competitions, and a commitment to fostering a global perspective.

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Experiential Learning

group of people at a groundbreaking ceremony speaking about real estate

Site Tours

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Industry Speakers

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Securing Relevant Internships and Full-Time Positions

Our Mission:

To provide the best commercial real estate education, create the most relevant research, and forge the strongest partnerships with our industry alumni.

Our Objectives are to Provide: 

The preeminent commercial real estate education that leads students to see the world differently and become drivers of change.

The Miami community and the market, at large, with cutting-edge, actionable commercial real estate research, oftentimes collaborating with industry partners.

Miami’s alumni and students with a mutually beneficial partner program with special recruitment access to employers while enhancing internship and career opportunities for students.

Center for Real Estate Finance and Investment

800 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056