Douglas Havelka

Associate Professor

Information Systems & Analytics


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Texas Tech University, Management Information Systems, 1994
  • M.S. Texas Tech University, Management Information Systems, 1992
  • M.B.A. Miami University, Finance, 1983
  • B.A. Miami University, Chemistry, 1982

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, MIS, Miami University (2007-Present).
  • Assistant Professor, MIS, Miami University (2000-2007).
  • Assistant Professor, Accounting & IS, Thomas More College (1996-1998).
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, MIS, Ohio University (1994-1997).
  • Assistant Professor, MIS, Northern Kentucky University (1992-1994).
  • Dean's Lecturer, MIS, Texas Tech University (1988-1992).
  • Project Manager, Electronic Communications Implementation, AT&T (1997-2000).
  • Sales Representative, Van Waters & Rogers Chemical Co. (1987-1988).
  • Product Controller, The Andrew Jergens Co. (1984-1987).

Recent Publications

  • Havelka, Douglas, and Merhout, J., “Information Assurance Quality Factors: A Comparison of Manager Versus Staff Perspectives,” Issues in Information Systems, 2018, v19, i3, pp.120-130.
  • Bradds, N., Hills, E. Masters, K., Weiss K., Havelka, D., “Accentra Pharmaceuticals: Thrashing through ERP Systems,” Information Systems Education Journal, March 2017, v15, n2, p60.
  • Krehbiel, T.C., Salzarulo, P.A., Cosmah, M., Forren, J., Gannod, G., Havelka, D., Hulshult, A., Merhout, J., “Agile Manifesto for Teaching and Learning,” The Journal of Effective Teaching, September 2017, v17, n2, p.90-111,
  • Connelly, B., Dalton, T., Murphy, D., Rosales, D. Sudlow, D., and Havelka, D., “Too much of a good thing: User leadership at TPAC,” Information Systems Education Journal, March 2016, v14, n2.
  • Brumberg, R., Gamble, G., Kops, E., Little, E., Underbakke, J., and Havelka, D., “Stalled ERP at Random Textiles,” Information Systems Education Journal, March 2016, v14, n2.Havelka, Douglas, “Antecedents to team performance on student IT projects,” Winter 2016, v27, n1, Journal of Information Systems Education. (“B” Rating by ABDC)
  • Cain, J.R., Levorchick, M., Matuszak, A., Pohlman, A., and Havelka, D., “eLoanDocs: Riding the Waves of Technology without Wiping Out,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 2015, v36, n38. (“A” Rating by ABDC)
  • Havelka, D. and Neal, C.S. “A Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Cases,” Information Systems Education Journal, April 2015, v13, i4, p41.
  • Cohill, K., Dudley, D., Gregg, J., Millette, E., Zinnecker, A., and Havelka, D., “USMCo Payroll System,” Information Systems Education Journal, March 2015, v13, i2.

Professional Interests

  • Research: Information Systems Development - Agile Practices
  • Teaching: Assurance of IT

Areas of Expertise

  • Design improvement
  • Information systems for business improvement


Douglas Havelka is an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University. He received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from Texas Tech University. Dr. Havelka is a C.P.A. and worked as a business analyst, developer, and project manager at AT&T. His research interests include information systems assurance, project management, and systems development methods, specifically agile practices.


  • ISA 245
  • C 1005-1125 MW ONL
  • D 1140-1 MW ONL
Douglas Havelka

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • MW 105-2


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