Sanjay Puligadda

Associate Professor



Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Marketing, 2007
  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Marketing, 1996
  • B.A., Shri Ram College of Commerce, Economics,1993

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Miami University (2013-Present)
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, Miami University (2007-2012)
  • Graduate Research Assistant in Marketing, Penn State University (2002-2007)
  • Instructor, International Management Institute (2000-2001)

Recent Publications

  • Sanjay Puligadda, James Coyle, John Ni, (2021), “Are You Engaged? The Influence of Brand Schematicity on Online Brand Engagement and Brand Purchase,” 23(2), Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, DOI: 10.1108/jrim-09-2019-0149
  • Sanjay Puligadda, Frank R. Kardes, and Maria Cronley, (2015), “The Influence of Positive Affectivity on The Propensity to Be Brand Loyal,” Dec 2015, Journal of Brand Management, DOI: 10.1057/bm.2015.43.
  • Sanjay Puligadda, Maria L. Cronley, and Frank R. Kardes, (2013), “Effect of Advertising Cues on Brand Extension Evaluation: A Global versus Focused Processing Style Account,” (2013), Journal of Brand Management, DOI: 10.1057/bm.2012.54
  • Sanjay Puligadda, William T. Ross Jr., and Rajdeep Grewal, (2012). “Individual Differences in Brand Schematicity,” Journal of Marketing Research, 49(1), 115-130.
  • Sanjay Puligadda, Devon Delvecchio, and Bob Gilbreath, (2012) “Making Marketing Meaningful’, How Consumers Reward Meaningful Marketing: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Marketing Communication, DOI: 10.1080/13527266.2012.693121.
  • Devon Delvechio, and Sanjay Puligadda, (2012) “The Effects of Discounts on Perceptions of Brand Quality: A Choice Task Perspective,” Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 21 Issue 6, p465-474. 10p. DOI: 10.1108/10610421211264946.
  • Sanjay Puligadda, William T. Ross Jr., and Chan Jinje (2012) “The Clash of The Loyalties: The Role of Brand Versus Store Loyalty in A Stockout,” Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Vol. 19 Issue 6, p570-577. 8p. DOI: 10.1016/j.jretconser.2012.07.002.
  • Sanjay Puligadda, Rajdeep Grewal, Arvind Rangaswamy and Frank R. Kardes, (2010). “The Role of Idiosyncratic Attribute Evaluation in Mass Customization.” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20(3), 369-380.
  • Sanjay Puligadda, and William T. Ross Jr., (2010). “The Unique Effects of Branding on Variety Perception,” Journal of Brand Management, Volume 18, Issue 2 (October/November).
  • Sanjay Puligadda, Rajdeep Grewal, Arvind Rangaswamy, and Frank R. Kardes, (2007). “Optimizing Variety in Mass Customization: A Theoretical Perspective,” Advances in Consumer Research, 34, p 740-742.

Honors & Awards

  • 2015: Received Best Elective Course Faculty Award in the PMBA program at VOA, 2013: Received Lehmann Award, given by the American Marketing Association for the dissertation based paper,"œIndividual Differences in Brand Schematicity," 2012 - nominated for the Smucker Oustanding Junior Faculty award 2011- nominated for the Smucker Outstanding Junior Faculty award 2013 - nominated for the Smucker Outstanding Junior Faculty award Smeal Small Research Grant from the Dean's Office, Penn State, 2005, USD 1400 Graham Fellowship, Pennsylvania State University, 2002-2004, USD 8000 Represented Smeal at Haring, based on performance in Candidacy Exam

Professional Interests

  • Research: Investigating the consumer-brand relationship and the role of consumers' mental processes on the influence of marketers' branding activities, consumers' processing of attribute information, sound theory and methodology to investigate hitherto unexplored issues that have direct implications for the marketing manager.


Sanjay Puligadda earned his BA in economics from SRCC, India, and his MBA, from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India before completing his PhD in marketing from Pennsylvania State University, USA. Between his MBA and PhD, Sanjay worked for three years at ITC-Agrotech Ltd as Area Sales Manager heading a large sales territory and sales team and for two years at Draft FCB, as account planner on the Whirlpool brand. While at Draft FCB, he guest lectured to MBA students at International Management Institute, New Delhi, India. His research, in collaboration with both academic scholars and practitioners, specializes on branding, brand extensions, brand information and attribute processing and has been published in Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Brand Management, and Journal of Product and Brand Management, among others. He has taught courses on Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Branding, and Creativity.


  • SPRING 2022
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  • MKT345 D - TR 2:50-4:10PM FSB2049
  • MKT345 E - TR 4:25-5:45PM FSB2049
Sanjay Puligadda

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