Jonathan Wolff

Assistant Professor



Academic Background

  • PhD, Economics, University of Notre Dame, 2014.
  • MS, Economics, University of Notre Dame, 2011.
  • BS, Economics, Quinnipiac University, 2009.

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor - Miami University, Department of Economics: Fall 2014-Present.

Recent Publications

  • "Without Looking Closer, it May Seem Cheap: Low Interest Rates and Government Borrowing" with Julio Garin, Robert Lester, and Eric Sims, July 2019, Economics Letters 180, 28-32.
  • "The State-Dependent Effects of Tax Shocks" with Eric Sims, August 2018, European Economic Review 107, 57-85.
  • "The Output and Welfare Effects of Government Spending Shocks over the Business Cycle" with Eric Sims, August 2018, International Economic Review 59 (3), 1403-1435.
  • "State-Dependent Fiscal Multipliers: Calvo vs. Rotemberg" with Eric Sims, Economics Letters, October 2017, 159: 190-194.
  • "The Empirical Relevance of the Mises-Hayek Theory of the Trade Cycle" with Robert Lester, Review of Austrian Economics, December 2013, 26(4): 433-461.

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, Kaneb Learning Center, University of Notre Dame
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, Department of Economics, University of Notre Dame
  • Economics Award, Class of 2009, Quinnipiac University
  • Charter Oak Scholar of the Year, Lender School of Business, Quinnipiac University


As a macroeconomist, my research interests lie in the fields of business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, and credit frictions. My work employs both theoretical and empirical methods.


  • SPRING 2021
  • ECO 317 E TR 4:25-5:45 (HYBRID), FSB 0021
  • ECO 202H A TR 11:40-1:00 (HYBRID), FSB 0021
Jonathan Wolff

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Office Hours

  • WF 10:00-12:00
  • (Webex)


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