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Companies that meet the criteria will be asked to submit an application as well as high-level financial and organizational information about the company, such as revenues and earnings to an independent third-party public accounting firm. All companies can be assured that their financial information will be kept strictly confidential and entrusted exclusively to Miami’s independent accounting partner. All documents and information will be received and safeguarded by the accounting firm to ensure and maintain the confidentiality of the information.


The independent accounting firm will evaluate and rank the candidates by the percentage of compound annual growth in revenues (net of returns), over a three-year period, i.e., use revenues for years 2020 (beginning period) and 2023 (ending period) to compute the 2024 RedHawk50. After calculations, the companies will be listed by growth rate from the highest to the lowest.

The top 50 fastest-growing companies will be named to the RedHawk50 list. Those companies will be notified in December that they have made the RedHawk50 list but will not be told their ranking until the evening of the RedHawk50 reception and awards gala.

Next Steps 

2024 RedHawk50

  • June 15, 2024 - Nominations open for the 2024 RedHawk50

2024 Nominations are Now Open!


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