Workshop Course Registrations

Travel Workshop Course Registration

Registration for education abroad/away programs are managed within the student’s application in the Application Portal Site. Due to the application process, students are not able to register for education abroad/away programs, registration and/or cancellation is processed by Global Initiatives.

Non-Travel Workshop Course Registration

The registration process for non-travel workshops vary. The current available workshops available for registration are listed below.

Visit the program’s website for details on how to register.

Miami Connects: Our Virtual World

Virtual Global Learning projects unite students from all over the world by partnering faculty from international institutions. Two or more faculty work together to develop a module, course, or program that transcends borders and provide a common learning experience for students worldwide. Virtual Global Learning projects typically involve digital technology to enhance teaching and learning.


For over 40 years, CraftSummer has been providing the best in hands-on art education. In a time when education is often reduced to detached, remote and packaged experiences, CraftSummer classes provide an exciting, experiential-based learning opportunity. CraftSummer is a chance to meet with others who have the same interests, but who have different approaches in specific techniques and forms of expression.

Ohio Writing Project

For over 30 years, the OWP's four-week workshop on the teaching of writing has earned consistently excellent ratings by classroom teachers and external evaluators.

In addition to the four-week workshop, the OWP offers a wide array of other credit workshops that vary in length, topic, and focus. These workshops, whether offered on Miami's campus, off-site, or online, all focus on the best in contemporary theory and practice, involve active participation, and support teachers as they build skills in both teaching and writing.

Feature Film Production

This workshop will fulfill Major elective and the signature experience requirement in the Media and Culture major. It also can count as an Elective in the Film Studies major. It is a unique chance for students to experience firsthand professional film production on a feature film shot on campus and in the surrounding area. For MAC majors this course builds upon the production techniques that they have studied in previous classes.

Due to the wide range of experiences in the class (from art direction to casting to budgeting, etc.) the class is also targeted to all majors who are interested in learning about and working on a feature film production. In the past we have had majors from Business, Art, Theater English, Interactive Media Studies, Film Studies, History, Graphic Design, Journalism, Zoology and Anthropology.