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We offer a variety of transformative and enriching short-term, global learning programs customized to the particular needs of students, scholars and professionals from educational institutions outside the U.S.

From June to July, experience academic, professional and personal development while studying at a top-ranked U.S. public university. In addition to main program focus, participants will have the opportunity to connect with the local community and travel to places of interest.

Programs may include non-credit coursework on English language development, U.S culture, society and history, intercultural communication or other topics taught by Miami faculty; experiential learning from U.S. business practices; and a range of global learning opportunities.

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Professional and Personal Development

American Culture, English and Intercultural Communication Training

Participants will learn from Miami faculty and staff in a series of workshops that allow for them to:

  • explore their cultural self-awareness
  • examine US cultures and the historical, political, religious, and other Western belief systems
  • compare and contrast these frameworks and beliefs with other worldviews
  • gain comfort and confidence with U.S. communication styles

Additionally, there will be intentional support for non-native, English speaking students to promote advancement of English language fluency as well as acculturation to the American communication styles. In addition to casual spoken English, the program offers targeted practice for English in a professional context, including discussion, formal presentations, meetings and note-taking.

Cross-Cultural Exploration and Local Excursions

Past and potential programs include:

  • Academic research, U.S. culture and language, and non-credit coursework for university undergraduates
  • Global careers and U.S higher ed for high school and secondary school students
  • Marketing and finance simulation for MBA students
  • Pedagogical development for university faculty
  • Cross-cultural negotiation simulation
  • U.S. business practices and career development for apprentices and trades programs
  • International business development for companies
  • Global internships for degree seekers

All program participants live on Miami University’s Oxford campus and will have the opportunity to take part in excursions and experiential learning activities designed to benefit:

  • personal development
  • interpersonal communication
  • intercultural understanding
  • lifelong learning

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If your institution is interested in participating in the Global Partner Summer School, please contact Dan Sinetar at for more information.


Global partner Summer School (GPSS)

Continuing Education

Global Initiatives' Continuing Education offers and administers a variety of credit and non-credit programs that broaden the traditional Miami classroom experience for learners of all ages.

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