FSB Canada

Visit three distinct Canadian cities, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto and gain an international perspective on marketing, while gaining core business credit and touring interesting organizations such as Tim Hortons and the Toronto Maple Leaves.

FSB Europe

Explore Austria, France, Italy, England and the Czech Republic to learn how Europe conducts business and gain an invaluable global and intercultural perspective to take back to Miami as you continue your collegiate journey.

FSB Mediterranean

Be immersed in the beautiful Mediterranean as you complete core business courses on this program abroad. Students will get to visit Portugal, Spain, Greece and Slovenia to learn how business is conducted in Mediterranean countries, while also cultivating an intercultural perspective that will help them beyond their time abroad.

MGT 302 Using the Brewing Industry Context

MGT 302 is a core course required by all business majors. There’s no better way to earn this credit that on this immersive and hands-on program, where students will be allowed to explore the supply chain management side of the brewing industry by touring five different breweries to get an exclusive look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Sport, Management and Culture in the Global Marketplace in Europe

Have a ball exploring the inner-workings of the British and Irish sporting industries on this program open to all majors. Students will visit London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, and will be given the chance to meet with sports executives. Students will also have the exciting opportunity to participate in cultural games such as Gaelic football, hurling, and Highland games!/p>