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Extension Process

In order to extend your DS-2019, your faculty supervisor must contact Academic Personnel to request an extension of your appointment. If approved, Academic Personnel will issue a new appointment letter or contract and will forward it to ISSS. If your funding comes from a source other than Miami University, you must also send updated financial documentation to ISSS.

Keep in mind that your DS-2019 must be extended prior to the expiration date. Therefore, please begin the extension process at least one month in advance, and ensure that ISSS has received all required documentation at least two weeks before your expiration date.

If your extension request is approved, ISSS will issue an updated DS-2019 and will email you to inform you that it is ready to be picked up. You will need to take your new DS-2019 to the Office of Academic Personnel in Roudebush so they can update your employment paperwork. Note that your new DS-2019 will be signed for travel. This travel signature is valid for entry into the US for one year from the date it was signed, or until the end of your J-1 program, whichever is sooner.

Note that you must extend your health insurance to cover the period of your extension (this includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, which is NOT covered by Miami's health insurance policy).  This is required by the US Department of State.  Failure to maintain your health insurance throughout your J-1 program is a violation of legal status and could result in the termination of your SEVIS record.

International Students and Scholars

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