Tabetha Maly

Tabetha MalyTabetha Maly joined the ISSS team as an international student advisor in June 2016. She earned her M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University and B.A. degrees in Spanish and English from the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse. Tabetha enjoys meeting with students and advising on topics related to immigration, academics, intercultural communication, and adjustment to life in the U.S. She is also responsible for facilitating collaborative efforts of international student organizations. Previously, Tabetha lived in Spain for three years and taught English as a second language to students in Spain, Latin America, and the Middle East. She always has “the travel bug” and has had many exciting adventures in nineteen different countries, including most of Western Europe as well as Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. One of her most memorable experiences was visiting the Kuwaiti Emir’s palace on his birthday!