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Excellence and Expertise Student Success Global Connections

GRC grads ready for the next chapter

A time for reflection and celebration as students from the Class of 2023 receive Global Readiness Certificates

GRC Grads pose for a group photo
GRC Scholars pose for a group photo
Excellence and Expertise Student Success Global Connections

GRC grads ready for the next chapter

GRC Scholars pose for a group photo

With faculty, staff, and students looking on, 23 graduating seniors were recognized for their achievements as they received the Global Readiness Certificate (GRC)—only the third group of students to earn this honor. It was a time to celebrate, but also a time to reflect on the extraordinary journey that made it possible.

This year's graduates included students from the College of Education, Health & Society, Farmer School of Business, and College of Arts and Science. Collectively, these scholars performed over 660 hours of community service, led numerous organizations across campus, participated in global learning all over the world, and engaged in critical self-reflection throughout their experience.

Alicia Castillo Shrestha, program coordinator for the Global Readiness Certificate, began the ceremony with Miami University's Land Acknowledgement. Graduating scholars Gaby Hattar (EHS) and Nav Chima (CAS) then highlighted National Arab American Heritage Month and Better Together Week, hosted by Multifaith Engagement for Transformative Action (META).

Shrestha noted that the GRC's global outlook and commitment is essential to the global future students will experience. "We're so proud of our graduates who have gone above and beyond their traditional Miami education to earn this very special academic distinction," she said.

In her remarks to the graduates, Dr. Cheryl Young, Associate Vice President, Global Initiatives, thanked Shrestha for her dedication. She traced the evolution of the GRC—an idea that took root 10 years ago with the creation of Global Initiatives itself—representing a desire to enhance students' ability to thrive and compete in a globally-focused marketplace. "The recipients of the GRC are our global learning superstars," she said. "Thank you for making this vision come true for us."

Faculty liaisons offered their congratulations as well. Dr. Katie Day Good (CAS) praised the way that students made pushing themselves out of their comfort zones part of their college experiences. "That is a skill that will serve you forever," she said.

Dr. Adam Beissel (CEHS), the newest GRC faculty liaison, agreed. "The work that you've all done is going to benefit you beyond graduation. Without a doubt, you've all emerged as engaged cultural citizens." 

On behalf of the Farmer School of Business, Jacob Drees, assistant director of global business programs, focused on the global nature of business. "You are doing something extraordinary. It's one thing to work with an international business; but it is another thing to understand their language, their culture," he said.

GRC graduates were recognized with a certificate and awarded a medallion that they will wear at commencement. 

With the addition of this year's group, a total of 38 students have graduated with the certificate since it started in 2019.

Meet the Honorees

Education, Health, and Society Cohort

Faculty Liaison: Dr. Adam Beissel

Abby Feitel • Social Work
Future plans: Master's program in social work at Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Gaby Hattar • Primary Education PK-5
Future plans: Teaching in Cincinnati Public Schools

Farmer School of Business Cohort

Staff Liaison: Mr. Bill Holmes

Adrianna Al-Amin • Marketing
Future plans: Working in Chicago, IL

Carter DiVincenzo • Accounting & Finance
Future plans: Credit Analyst, Huntington National Bank, Columbus, OH

Lidia Marusic • Marketing & Human Capital Management & Leadership
Future plans: Sales Account Executive, Procter & Gamble, Kansas City, MO

Olivia Nash • Human Capital Management & Leadership & Sustainability
Future plans: Pursuing career in project management

Angel Schlotterback • Human Capital Management & Leadership
Future plans: EY People Advisory Services, Austin, TX

Josh Siegel • Finance
Future plans: Finance Leadership Development Program at Whirlpool

Tristan Wolfram • Supply Chain & Operations Management
Future plans: Sales position in Chicago, IL

College of Arts & Science

Faculty Liaison: Dr. Katie Day Good

Nicole Allans • Mathematics & Statistics
Future plans: Actuarial Analyst in Chicago, IL

Navkiran Chima • International Studies & Political Science
Future plans: Gap year

Lily Cota • International Studies
Future plans: Law school at Loyola of Chicago

Biken Dawadi • Political Science, Economics and Philosophy
Future plans: Gap year before graduate school

Hila Eitam • Biology & Public Administration, Sustainability Co-Major
Future plans: Moving to Washington, DC

Rose Mauch • Linguistics and Speech Pathology & Audiology
Future plans: Clinical Doctorate in Audiology at Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Holly Pappano • East Asian Languages and Cultures, Applied Linguistics, and Psychology
Future plans: Working for the United Nations Foundation, moving to Los Angeles to pursue digital med

Adrianna Parker • Emerging Technology in Business + Design and Strategic Communication
Future plans: Considering gap year on the west coast or abroad

Hannah Sroka • Professional Writing, Creative Writing, English Literature
Future plans: Moving to Boston to pursue publishing

Emily Templeton • Psychology
Future plans: Applying to Japan Exchange Teaching Program, pursuing career in mental health or education

Sophie Weyn • International Studies
Future plans: Moving to the Netherlands for gap year before graduate school

Madeline Whistler • International Studies, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Future plans: Working for the International Partnership of Education Research and Communication

Graduating in December, 2023

Rafid Pranto • Quantitative Economics
Future plans: Pursuing role as an economic or data analyst

GRC medallions prior to the ceremony
Global Initiatives Associate Vice President Cheryl Young
CAS faculty liaison Katie Day Good
College of Arts & Science Cohort (Not pictured: Nicole Allans, Hannah Sroka, and Sophie Weyn)
College of Education, Health, & Society Cohort
Farmer School of Business Cohort