Fulbright Applications

The Fulbright application provides clear guidelines for writing a successful application. For both Statements,

  • Provide concrete examples (your experiences and your plans)
  • Focus on one theme or story related to your personal development and how that relates to your goals
  • Clearly articulate what will make your proposed research project or teaching assistantship successful
  • Include clear transitions between parts of your essay
  • Make every word count

Statement of Grant Purpose

Academic Fields

  • Do you tell the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your proposed year?
  • If applying for a research project,
    • Is your project description Strong, Feasible, and Compelling?
    • Can you complete then research in this timeframe?
    • Are necessary resources (including people) available?
    • Is the purpose for the research clear?
    • Is the expected benefit or need for the project persuasive?
  • If applying for graduate study,
    • Is it clear why you want to pursue this graduate program in this institution in this host country?
    • How do your goals align?
  • Do you indicate a clear commitment to the host country community?
  • Have you explained how you will engage with that community?

Teaching Assistantship

  • Do you explain why you want to teach English to non-native speakers?
  • Do you explain why you want to teach in this host country?
  • Have you included what strengths you will bring to the host country’s classroom?
  • Have you explained how you will reach students coming from a different pedagogical tradition?
    • Do you show you’re aware of the host country’s traditions and that you are willing and able to adapt to those pedagogical traditions (with concrete examples)?
  • Do you indicate a clear commitment to the host country community?
  • Have you explained how you will engage with that community?

Personal Statement

  • Have you included your trajectory as an individual?
    • How have your personal history, family background, intellectual development and/or educational, professional, or cultural opportunities influenced you?
    • Is your story of this trajectory cohesive?
  • Have you described your plans and goals?
  • Have you made connections between your trajectory and plans and your proposal?
    • Is it clear what in your background prepares you for this Fulbright opportunity?
  • List any experiences you’ve had in the following areas:
    • Research
    • Internships
    • Personal Travel or Study Abroad
    • Volunteering
    • Teaching or tutoring
    • Languages
  • How might you apply your experiences from the above areas to your goals for the Fulbright year? (e.g., leadership, interpersonal, intercultural, teaching approaches, communication style, etc.)

More Information

For more information, visit Global Initiatives.

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