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Mobile ID Smartphone App

Students can use the MobileID Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to access their on campus-rooms! The Miami ID Card and Mobile ID App are the only ways to open residence hall and room doors on campus.  Follow these quick and easy instructions to use this great feature. Remember, you may only use this feature on your own mobile device, to provide yourself access to your room and meal plan.  You may not share passwords, PINS, or other confidential access information with anyone else.

How to set-up MobileID on your Smartphone:

  1. Launch the App Store on your Apple or Android Smartphone
  2. Search for Cbord
  3. Select CBORD Mobile ID – for CS Gold (this is a free application). After you open the App, you’ll need to enter the following in the Server URL Space:
  4. After filling in the Server URL, click on Authenticate my Device
  5. Log into CBORD Mobile ID using your Miami Credentials
  6. Once you have successfully logged into Mobile ID, click Authorize.
  7. Click OK to allow Location Services to be used for this application.
  8. Open the Mobile ID application on your phone. There will be no need to login (it stores this information during the setup process).
  9. Click the Choose button to select the door location you wish to open
  10. A list of doors you have tapped during the last 2 weeks will display. The locations will be ordered with the doors accessed more often at the top. Select the door you want to open.
  11. This will take you back to the first screen. Swipe the screen to open the door.

Using the Mobile ID App

  • You must be within 80 feet of a door in order for the door to open. If you are not within that distance, you will see the error message “Error: Denied – Not within distance of reader”
  • If approved you will get the message “Approved – check the door”
  • Be sure you are connected to Miami's wireless network for the best functionality
  • Student room doors retain 5 days’ worth of recent ID card transaction data. It’s important to know that while it is stored in our online system, MobileID entry data is NOT stored at the door lock. It is critical that you use your ID card to tap into your room at least once every 5 days. In the unlikely event that we would lose lose networking in a building, or if the door lock goes offline, this will enable a student to still be able to enter their room using their ID card.
  • If you have not tapped into the door in the last 2 weeks, you may not be able to use Mobile ID to open your room.
  • Be sure to tap the "Choose" option on your Mobile ID app to select your door.
  • For safety reasons, if you should need to change the phone number associated with your Mobile ID app, there is a 3-day waiting period until your app will work with the new number.
  • Remember, this feature may ONLY be used on your own mobile device, for your own use.  Your account and privileges may not be used by anyone else, or shared with anyone.  Violations of this guideline will be referred to the Office of Ethics & Student Conflict Resolution.
  • If you are locked out of your room and cannot gain access, please contact your RA or Hall Director for immediate assistance. You should also contact the HOME Office for additional assistance with damaged or lost ID Cards, or problems using the Mobile ID App.