Meet the Employee Services Team!

employee services team (Left to right) Mike Webster, Kelly Stewart, Craig Martin)

We are excited to introduce our newly-formed Employee Services team, a dynamic group dedicated to fostering positive relationships between Miami and its employees, ensuring a fair and supportive work environment for all.

Mike Webster, Director of Employee Services, brings a wealth of experience with 24 years in HR, many of those years working with labor unions. He is committed to promoting a harmonious workplace culture. Kelly Stewart, Senior HR Generalist, is an expert with 20+ years in the private sector as a Director of Human Resources, and her keen insights will help us address employee concerns and maintain a healthy work atmosphere. Craig Martin, Senior Personnel Technician and long-term Miami employee, has a lot of Miami knowledge and a little over two years of experience in HR. Craig is dedicated to ensuring that our labor relations policies align with industry best practices and legal standards.

Whether you have questions about company policies, concerns about working conditions, or need support in navigating workplace issues, the Employee Services Team is here to assist you. If you need to reach out to them, email They are here to support you and contribute to making Miami University a great place to work.