Classified Personal Leave Conversion

As a reminder, one of the many benefits of working at Miami University, Classified personnel are
able to convert sick time into personal leave to be able to use it when they need it! Individuals
employed as of the first day of the first pay period of the fiscal year (July 1-June 30), are eligible for
accrued sick leave hours to be converted to personal leave hours.

Personal leave hours are determined each year at the beginning of the payroll period that includes
July 1. These converted personal leave hours are available for one year, and then they revert back to
sick leave time. You never lose the hours—you just get to use them more freely for a year. The other
accrued sick leave hours remain as sick leave.


Classified Sick Leave to Personal Leave Conversion Schedule
Accrued Sick Leave Hours Hours Eligible for Conversion to Personal Leave
0-79 0
80-359 10
360-719 14
720-959 18
960-1,199 22
1,200+ 26