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Legal Custody/Guardianship

The effective date of the child's insurance coverage is the first of the month following the court-approved date of legal custody or guardianship.

Steps to Take Within 31 days of Gaining Legal Custody or Guardianship

  1. Complete and submit the Coverage Change form.
  2. Submit a photocopy of court-approved custody/guardianship papers.
  3. Call the Benefits office at 513-529-3926 with social security number. Never email social security numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit the court papers?

You may email it to

What if I do not receive the child's SSN within the 31 days?

Let the Benefits office know as soon as possible that you are still waiting for the document, and call them at 513-529-3926 as soon as you get it. Never email a social security number.

Can I add the child to my dental and vision coverage?

Yes. If you are already enrolled in family dental and/or vision coverage, then your coverage level and premium will not change. If you currently have single coverage, then your level will change to family and your premium will increase.

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