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Getting married is a major life-changing experience for you and your family. Some things to keep in mind are name change, address change, taxes, and insurance coverage.

Steps to Take When Getting Married

  1. Complete the Name/Marital Status Change form, and submit documentation of the legal change to Human Resources/Academic Personnel Services.
  2. Update your address in Workday if needed.
  3. If you plan to drop or change your coverage due to your marriage as a "qualifying event" follow the instructions below.

Steps to Take Within 31 Days of Marriage if Insurance Coverage is Affected

  1. Complete the Insurance Coverage Change form to add your spouse to your Miami coverage.
  2. Submit a copy of your marriage certificate.
  3. Submit the completed Spouse Health Coverage form if you wish to add your spouse to your health plan (This is not required for dental and vision coverage)
  4. Call the Benefits office at 513-529-3926 with any social security numbers. Never email social security numbers.
  5. If you are currently enrolled in voluntary life insurance for yourself, you may purchase voluntary life insurance for your new spouse.
  6. Update your life insurance beneficiary as needed by completing the Beneficiary Election form .

Spousal Health Coverage

Your spouse can be covered under Miami's health plan if:

  • they are unemployed
  • they are self-employed and does not provide health insurance for anyone they employ
  • they are self-employed and provide coverage, but pay more than 50% of the total premium
  • they are retired and the only source of health coverage is Medicare
  • they are eligible for retiree coverage, but required to pay more than 50% of the total premium
  • they are employed, but not eligible for their employer’s coverage or
  • they are employed, but required to pay more than 50% of the total premium.

What Happens Next?

  1. The change to your coverage will be effective the first of the month following the qualifying event date.
  2. Your updated information is sent to the insurance carriers on the following Monday.
  3. Premiums are adjusted as needed and the change will show on the next paycheck following the submission of the change form.
  4. New health insurance cards will be mailed within two weeks to the address on file in Banner.
  5. Once your spouse's coverage under your health plan is effective, participation in the Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program is available. Depending on the effective date of coverage, your spouse may automatically receive the discount for the current year and the following year. Please see Getting Started-When Enrolling in Health Insurance Coverage for details.

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