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Annual Increases

Unclassified and Classified staff annual salary increases

Unclassified Annual Salary Increases

Unclassified employees receive annual increases on July 1 of each year. Each department/business unit receives an annual increase budget and allocates it among employees based on employee performance, internal equity with other employees, and external equity.

Classified Annual Salary Increases

Annual increases for classified employees are determined by applying an annual increase percentage to the average pay rate per pay zone. 

Employees whose base pay (base pay excludes job enrichment earnings) is at or over the base pay maximum are not eligible for increases to their base pay. Instead, these employees receive a bonus payment equal to 100% of the value of their foregone raise, with half paid in March and half paid in November.

In cases where only a portion of the pay increase results in the employee’s base salary exceeding the maximum, the employee receives the portion of the hourly increase necessary to bring him or her to the maximum pay for the zone and a bonus payment equivalent to 100% of the remaining amount of the increase, with half paid in March and half paid in November.

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