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In compliance with all relevant federal and state labor laws and regulations, our compensation function oversees the design, implementation, and maintenance of the University's classification system and pay zone structure for all employees except faculty.

Employment/Income Verification

The current/former employee will need to register an employee account with JobTrax to generate an authorization code which the Verifier will use to access the Employee record.

Compensation Function

  • Manages the University's classified and unclassified job descriptions
  • Conducts wage studies and market surveys to determine pay levels for unclassified (salaried) positions
  • Evaluates created positions and assisting departmental reorganization efforts with developing job descriptions and pay-related issues
  • Performs job audits for classified (hourly) employees and evaluating unclassified positions
  • Processes annual pay increases
  • Oversees the P.R.I.D.E. Award Program and the payment aspect of the Job Enrichment Program

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.