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Employment and Income Verification

Miami University uses JobTrax, an automated employment and income verification company, for all third-party verifications (e.g. bank, mortgage company, housing).


The current/former employee will need to register an employee account with JobTrax to generate an authorization code which the Verifier will use to access the Employee record. The JobTrax system will email the third-party agency that needs your information with instructions to register as a Verifier. The Verifier can then purchase a verification for the employee's employment and/or income information.

Registering an Employee Account

The Miami employee must provide the following:

  • Your first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth, Miami Employee ID (UniqueID), and your personal email address
  • Miami University company code: 2513
  • Verifier company name, contact person's name, and contact person's email address

Registering a Verifier Account

The Verifier (third-party agency) representative must provide the following:

  • Verifier company name and address
  • Verifier lead contact person's information
  • Any additional verifier accounts (names and email addresses of other contacts)

Purchasing an Employment and/or Income Verification

The Verifier must provide employee information for one or more of the following fields:

  • Miami Employee ID (Unique ID)
  • Employee last name
  • Employee first and last names
  • Employee date of birth
  • Authorization Code (this is provided in the email generated by the JobTrax system and expires in 60 days)
  • Credit card information for the purchase (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)


Our Mission

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