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Job Enrichment Program

The Miami University Job Enrichment Program (JEP) is a voluntary incentive program that provides resources for professional learning to help the University develop and retain valuable Classified Staff members as well as maximize job performance and individual satisfaction. Staff are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful and satisfying while fulfilling the mission and needs of the University.

Successful completion of Job Enrichment learning opportunities may result in a Job Enrichment Bonus, a Premium Pay Increase, or an Advanced Component Bonus

Key Benefits of the Program

  • Recognizes and rewards growth in job knowledge and expertise
  • Fosters continued quality service to the University community by providing learning opportunities for highly motivated staff
  • Offers a variety of learning opportunities including in-person workshops, e-learning and self-study courses
  • Encourages collaboration between staff members and supervisors to plan and manage professional learning and job growth

Ethics Statement

Participation in the JEP requires staff members to be honest about their efforts and accomplishments. Acts of dishonesty will result in suspension from participation in the JEP for a minimum of one year or a time deemed appropriate by the JEP Administrators. Dishonesty is any activity that tends to compromise the integrity of the JEP. This includes, but is not limited to, furnishing false information or omitting relevant or necessary information in order to gain a benefit.

Asking for Job Enrichment materials and actively participating in the JEP while currently disqualified from the program could be construed as dishonest.

Any submission of information for Job Enrichment points, bonuses or premium pay increase is a representation that the staff member has completed all the course/program requirements including full attendance.

Job Enrichment Program Updates

Important updates and news within the Job Enrichment Program.

Job Enrichment is now managed in Workday!

Submit all learning opportunity completions within 6 months of the date completed.

JEP points expire 3 years from the date completed if they have not been applied to a bonus/award.

Rehired retirees are eligible to participate in Job Enrichment!


Learning Opportunities

The following learning opportunity resources can be used as an idea starter to assist in determining appropriate learning as it pertains to professional development and job growth.

JEP Course Submission

JEP course completions must be submitted within 6 months of the completion date. Follow the course submission instructions.

JEP Learning Plan Process

JEP Learning Plans provide a roadmap for employees to gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will benefit them in their role as well as benefit the department in meeting its goals.

Eligibility/Application Process

To be eligible for participation in the Job Enrichment Program and Apprenticeship Program, individuals must meet the following qualifications and follow the enrollment process.

Supervisors Role

Supervisors play a key role in supporting staff members in the Job Enrichment Program by collaborating with staff members to plan and manage professional learning and growth.

Have Questions?

For questions about the Job Enrichment Program, email Staff Development or contact a JEP Administrator.

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.