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JEP Learning Plan Process

JEP Learning Plans provide a roadmap for employees to gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will benefit them in their role as well as benefit the department in meeting its goals. 

Step 1: Identify Development Categories

These are broad skills that you want to enhance and improve during the next year such as communication, customer service and team building. Think big picture topics.


  • What strengths do you want to enhance or grow over the next year
  • What gaps do you want to improve over the next year
  • What skills/new knowledge would be required to accomplish individual and departmental goals

Step 2: Create a Specific Course List

Create a specific list of courses for each development category in Step 1.


  • Access the Learning Resources to assist in identifying courses
    • These resources can include professional or technical training, online learning, webinars, conferences, academic courses, and vendor training
  • Speak with your coworkers in Job Enrichment about courses/resources they found relevant
  • Utilize learning resources available to your department 
  • Reach out to relevant, field-specific professional organizations

Step 3: Discuss and Review Course List

Review courses identified in Step 2 with your supervisor.  JEP Learning Plans can be fluid. For example, if a relevant opportunity arises and would help the employee meet the department goals, the employee should meet with the supervisor regarding adding and completing this new opportunity.  Consider the cost implications for all learning opportunities.

Employee + Supervisor

  • Collaborate to discuss each learning opportunity to determine the relevancy and application for the employee’s role
  • Consider the following:
    • What are the main objectives of the learning opportunity
    • How will the objectives be applied in the employee’s role
    • Explain how the knowledge gained through this learning opportunity will benefit the department

Step 4: Order and Purchase Learning

Departments are responsible for the ordering and purchasing of all learning. Many resources are available at no cost to your department, and should be considered first, prior to purchasing learning. 

Cost information for courses should be presented to the supervisor for consideration during Step 3.

Supervisor + Employee

  • Research cost and/or purchase learning opportunities 
  • Receive approval from your supervisor (or department budget coordinator) to purchase approved learning opportunity materials
  • Follow your department guidelines for proper purchasing procedure
  • All materials can be retained by your department as a future tool/resource

Step 5: Complete and Submit Learning

  • Once complete, obtain documentation for completed learning (certificates, test scores, DARS, grades…)
  • Submit course completions in Workday with documentation providing the following information:
    • Learning opportunity description/objectives
    • Two learning takeaways gained from the learning opportunity
    • Specific examples of how you will implement the learning takeaways in your role

Step 6: Supervisor Review and Response


  • Receives a task in Workday to review JE course submission from the employee and approves, sends back, or denies the learning opportunity for JE credit

Step 7: Update JEP Record in Workday

Staff Development + Employee

  • Staff Development reviews employee form and supervisor response to determine JE credit
  • Staff Development updates JEP course record
  • Employee tracks learning completions and JE points in Workday

Step 8: Process Bonuses and Premium Pay Increases

Staff Development + Employee

  • Staff Development processes appropriate bonuses and premium pay increases in Workday
  • Employee tracks bonuses and premium pay increases earned in Workday

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