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Hiring Paperwork

Paperwork must be filled out prior to student employment.

Hiring Paperwork

Before a student can begin working for your department, the following must occur:

  1. The student must complete all of their required hiring paperwork, including confidentiality agreements (if applicable).
  2. Your department must receive a work authorization.

Approximately 24 hours after you have received a "Work Authorization" email (verifying that the student has completed all required paperwork), the student will be able to check in and out using Workday.

Please note: As a supervisor, there are some specific rules you must know and follow concerning background checks (if applicable) and hiring minors (i.e., ages 16-17).

Background Checks

Some student employees must complete a background check. Miami requires criminal background checks on student employees who are designated residential youth camp employees, or otherwise required by law or designated by the University. This designation includes any individual specifically hired to work with and provide residential services to programs (credit and noncredit) attended by individuals who are aged 18 or younger, and whose participants reside one night or more on campus, or are providing assistance with changing of clothes. This includes programs and camps offered through all divisions of Miami University.

Please note: Although Resident Assistants and SOULS are not employees, they are required to have new employee background checks, but not fingerprint-based background checks. See MUPIM 16.16 for details about minors on campus.


  1. A department posts a job vacancy in PageUp.
  2. Applicants apply to the vacancy.
  3. Once students are selected, the department submits an Employment Recommendation (a request must be submitted for each student).
  4. The department provides the employee with the Request for a Background Check form, found on MUPD Civilian Fingerprinting.
    • The student completes section 1.
    • The department completes (sections 2, 3, and 5 if the department is paying for the background check).
  5. The results of all the criminal checks will be sent to Human Resources, not the hiring department.
    • These records are confidential (not subject to open record requests).
    • If the criminal background checks reveals that an individual has been convicted or plead guilty to a criminal offense, Human Resources will review the record to determine if the employee's employment must be terminated as set forth in O.R.C.2151.86(C)(1)
  6. Criminal background checks for Resident Assistance must be conducted through HireRight.
    • The department will notify Student Employment that they are ready for the background check to be initiated.
    • Student Employment will request the background check through HireRight.
    • The prospective student employees will receive emails from HireRight requesting they complete confidential information for the check to be initiated.
    • Results of the check will be received through pass or discrepancy to Student Employment. All discrepancies will be reviewed by the Director of Employment.
    • All qualifying incidents will be reviewed with the prospective employee for final determination.

Employing Minors

Miami does not permit the hiring of anyone under the age of 16. Minors (ages 16-17) must complete a work permit and have their parents or legal guardians sign a parental consent form.

Departments are responsible for reading, understanding, and enforcing all additional rules for minors.

Compliance with Federal and State Laws

Both federal and state laws are severely more restrictive with respect to the hours worked and the type of duties performed by 16 and 17 year olds (i.e., minors) versus those aged 18 and older. Labor laws are closely monitored and fines are assessed for non-compliance.

Compliance with both the federal and state laws rests with departmental supervisors and any fines for non-compliance will be paid by the department.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Records of employment, including work permits, must be kept on each minor stating:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours and days worked

These records must be accurate and must be kept for two years. They must be shown upon request to any authorized representative or enforcement official of the state or federal government.

Our Mission

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