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Months 6 to 12

Tasks for Months 6 to 12.

To Do List

Final Probationary Evaluation

  • Although performance evaluations should be completed for all employees at least annually, a supervisor should complete an end-of-probation evaluation for Classified Staff. The supervisor will receive an email notification from the PageUp system notifying them to begin an end-of-probation evaluation.
  • There are different probation periods for different types of Classified Staff, as described in MUPIM 20.6 (see Probationary Periods and Probation for Part-Time Workers).

Enroll in Job Enrichment Program (Eligible Classified Staff Only)

With supervisor approval, Classified Staff may apply into the Job Enrichment Program after 6 months of employment at Miami without a break in service. View the Job Enrichment website for additional information and program.

Professional Development

As you become proficient in your role, speak with your supervisor about participating in additional learning opportunities that align with department and professional goals. Unclassified and Classified Staff will have opportunities for learning. Visit the My Professional Development website for more details.

Annual Performance Evaluation

All Classified and Unclassified staff are required to have an annual performance evaluation.  All employees should have at least three discussions related to the expectations and goals of job performance (Goal Setting, Mid-Year Review and Year-End Review).

The typical schedule for these discussions start at the beginning of the fiscal year in July. As a new employee, these discussions may be completed in an accelerated schedule depending on the hire date. For more information about performance management at Miami go to

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.