Policies and Process

We know that being charged with suspected academic dishonesty can cause students to feel anxious, confused, or upset. Please know that the academic integrity staff will help students navigate these feelings, answer questions, explain the process, and provide information so that students can make a choice about how to resolve the situation. The process is also designed to be educational.

If you received a notice informing you that you have been reported for potential academic dishonesty and that you have a Procedural Review scheduled, it is important that you attend that meeting. Please review all of the information that you received prior to your meeting, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the academic integrity staff.

If your instructor let you know that they suspect your committed academic dishonesty but you have not yet received your notification email from the academic integrity staff, please know that it may take a week or two for your notification to be sent. If it has been more than a week or two since your professor told you about the suspected dishonesty, please contact the academic integrity staff.

Detailed information about the academic integrity process, can be found in the Guide to the Academic Integrity Process.

Information about the academic integrity policies can be found in the University Policy Library.

Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy (Student Handbook section 1.5)

Graduate Student Policy on Academic Research/Creative Activity

If you are looking for information about the Code of Student Conduct, please visit the Office of Community Standards website.