Protecting Your Work


It's important to take appropriate steps to secure your work against plagiarism. See below for tips on protecting your work.

Change Your Password

Like any other site that stores personal information, it's important to periodically change your password to ensure protection. First, do not give your login information to anyone. Second, if you suspect another person has accessed your Miami credentials, contact IT and change your password immediately. For added security, Miami students are required to enroll in DUO Security, a two-factor authentication tool.

Do Not Give Your Work To Others

If a classmate reaches out for help and you've received the green light from your instructor to assist, we recommend talking through the material vs. giving them your work. First, talking through the material ensures you know the material yourself. Second, by giving, you are unable to monitor the use of your work. Thus, leaving the option to plagiarize widely available.  

Do Not Upload Work To The Internet

It is important that you only upload your work to the platform instructed by your professor. If you find your work on a homework help site like Chegg, contact the site and request it be removed or ask us (Academic Integrity) to help facilitate the removal.