AccessMU Center

The AccessMU Center works to create a more accessible environment by providing information and services to enhance equal access for students with and without disabilities. Responsibilities include the accessibility review and testing of applications, websites, and documents; accessibility training; and captioning support services.


Sean Poley

Sean Poley

Email: Poleysa@MiamiOH.edu
Phone: 513-529-1225

Laura Fathauer

Laura Fathauer

Senior Web Accessibility Specialist
Email: fathaulg@MiamiOH.edu
Phone: 513-529-3559

Autumn Meade

Autumn Meade

Accessible Technology Coordinator
Email: Meadeam@MiamiOH.edu
Phone: 513-529-0418

Matt Striet

Matthew Striet

Digital Accessibility Specialist
Email: Strietmr@MiamiOH.edu
Phone: 513-529-0200


Accessible Technology Committee

The AccessMU Center also provides oversight of the Accessible Technology Committee, comprised of key personnel representing the academic and administrative departments across campus.

Student Disability Services

The Miller Center for Student Disability Services (MCSDS) coordinates accommodations and auxiliary aids for students with disabilities. The office supports Miami’s commitment to diversity & inclusion and promotes student access to an equitable college experience. Services are coordinated in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as Amended, and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act. The office serves a diverse group of students including those with physical, vision, hearing, psychiatric, medical, neurological, autism spectrum, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

For questions about student accommodations, contact the center at SDS@MiamiOH.edu or call (513) 529-1541.