The Team

David Schaefer headshot

David Schaefer

Director, Business Intelligence Team

David supports the team and seeks to advance data and business intelligence practices at Miami.

Emmanuel Alhassan headshot

Emmanuel Alhassan

University Data Modeler

Emmanuel gains an understanding of the data and its relationships before designing how it will be stored in the data warehouse. He provides guidance on how it's stored, loaded, and displayed through the business intelligence software.

Glenn Chundrlek headshot

Glenn Chundrlek

Project Management Specialist I

Glenn serves as Scrum Master for the team. He supports their use of Agile Scrum, manages projects, and handles coordination with people inside and outside IT Services.

Liz Hooven headshot

Liz Hooven

BI ETL Data Developer III

Liz creates the processes that extract data from a source system and transports it to the data warehouse. She develops processes that transform values for uniformity as it's loaded into the warehouse database.

Amy Locke headshot

Amy Locke

Senior Business Intelligence Developer I

Amy configures the business intelligence software to read from the data warehouse. She provides assistance with report and dashboard development, organizes security, and coordinates training.

Jerry McMillen headshot

Jerry McMillen

BI ETL Data Developer II

Jerry supports and develops processes that extract and transform the data loaded into the warehouse database.

Seth Meyer Headshot

Seth Meyer

BI Developer II

Seth helps with the configuration and troubleshooting of the business intelligence software. As he learns more about the BI software, he will fulfill requests for new or updated reports and dashboards.

Disha Nevagi headshot

Disha Nevagi

Quality Assurance Analyst III

Disha understands the data and how it's to be displayed through the BI software. She collaborates with the domain experts to confirm accurate results are produced.