Experiential Learning Petitions

The purpose of the Experiential Learning (EL) Petition is to provide students with the opportunity to utilize a unique “beyond the classroom” experience beyond those that are currently offered. EL encompasses immersive undergraduate research, creative activities, community engagement and/or career and practical experience. All EL experiences presume a level of collaboration, reflection, and transfer of knowledge to deepen specialized study in a major as well as in liberal education course work.

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EL Petition Checklist

You must obtain the following to be uploaded as part of the EL Petition:

  1. Basic Information — Name, UniqueID, Month/Year of Graduation, email address, earned hours, major.

  2. Statement of Explanation—Upload a detailed explanation outlining the EL experience. Describe when and where the experience occurred. Explain how the goals, objectives, and projects of the EL experience embody each of the points below by addressing the following questions with detailed examples: 

  • Application of academic knowledge and/or skills: Describe how you applied academic ideas, concepts, theories and/or skills to practice outside the classroom (i.e. the link between the experience and your academic coursework). 

  • Sustained and significant mentor/student interaction: Describe how you interacted meaningfully with your mentor (e.g. faculty member, supervisor, staff leader, community contact) throughout the experience.  How did these interactions make you think differently or develop new ideas? 

  • Sustained involvement or immersion: Sustained immersion is not just a weekend or week; it is over time. How did sustained immersion throughout the experience make you think differently or develop new ideas? For example, explain how knowledge and skills gained in one situation helped to solve difficult problems or explore complex issues over time?

  • Reflection: How did your EL experience change or amplify your thinking about your classwork, your major, and your future plans? What takeaways, ideas, and/or skills did you glean from your experience?

  1. Letter of Support—Upload a letter of support by your mentor (e.g. faculty member, supervisor, staff leader, community contact) that corroborates your work.

  2. Degree Audit Report—Upload a newly generated DAR with your proposal. Please be sure to print the detailed version of your DAR that lists which courses are meeting all Miami Plan and major/minor requirements.

  3. Contact Information for your Academic Advisor —You must discuss your petition with your academic advisor and receive their approval. We will send an authorization form to your advisor after you submit the proposal. You must provide the advisor's name, department, and Miami email address.

All components of the EL Petition must be completed before it will be reviewed by the Director and Associate Director of Liberal Education, including the advisor(s) support. Please allow 7-10 business days for the petition to be processed after all materials have been received.

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