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When considering your off-campus housing options, it may be wise to start with your personal budget. While the "sticker price" of an off-campus house or apartment may appear to be lower than the cost of living on campus, you may be surprised at how quickly additional expenses add up.

Off-Campus Costs in Oxford

There is a wide range of costs for rental units and houses in Oxford. The pricing situation is complicated by the fact that many properties charge students rent per semester, rather than per month.

Off-campus apartments often charge a monthly rate per person, while off-campus houses frequently charge a semester rate per person. Be sure to understand the terms and length of the lease as you compare properties.

Average Utility Costs in Oxford

According to a survey of off-campus juniors in 2017, here are the major utilities and how often they are included in rent:

  • Gas: included as part of rent in 24.34% of responses
  • Electric: included as part of rent in 9.09% of responses
  • Water: included as part of rent in 38.42% of responses
  • Cable/Satellite: included as part of rent in 26.98% of responses
  • Internet: included as part of rent in 38.74% of responses