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Living In Oxford

As a member of the Oxford community, you’re encouraged to take advantage of all that Oxford has to offer. It is home to beautiful nature trails, sporting events, performances, festivals and many locally-owned family restaurants and stores.

Oxford Offerings

People stand on the sidewalk next to a street in Oxford, Ohio.Oxford is a family town that is proud to be the home of Miami University.

While the oldest section of town (the original Mile Square) is a popular location for student renters, it also is the heart of activity where local residents do business, eat out, attend church, and enjoy community activities.

Students can sometimes forget that they share Oxford with other residents, and occasionally need a reminder that there are families here, and that community expectations include complying with the local laws to maintain a desired quality of life for everyone.

All residents, including students, will be held accountable for property maintenance, proper handling of trash and recycling, shoveling of sidewalks, monitoring of noise, and appropriate hosting of events at residential locations.

As a member of the Oxford community, you’re encouraged to take advantage of all that Oxford has to offer. It is home to beautiful nature trails, sporting events, performances, festivals and many locally-owned family restaurants and stores. Students often don’t realize the many amenities at their fingertips. 

Resources and Tips for Living in Oxford

Being a Good Neighbor

You can enhance your off-campus living experience by getting to know your neighbors and by being a responsible, considerate member of the Oxford community. Lay the groundwork for a positive relationship by introducing yourself within the first couple of weeks after moving in.

Housing Issues

While living in your off-campus house or apartment, you may encounter any of a whole host of issues, and it's important for you to know your rights, as well as your obligations, as a tenant of a rental unit or house in Ohio. 

Laws and Ordinances

Every city or town has local laws and Oxford is no exception. It is the responsibility of each resident to know what those laws are and abide by them. The laws that most often pertain to students are gathered here to ensure students have all the information needed to live violation-free in Oxford.


Parking in Oxford can be challenging. Here you can review the information on Oxford parking-related ordinances to reduce frustration and potential violations.


While Oxford is known to be a relatively safe town, it is not immune from criminal activity that can be found in any other city or town. You should be proactive about your personal safety, and take steps to decrease the likelihood that you or your home will be targeted. 

Social Hosting

If you choose to host a party, you assume responsibility for any and all issues that may arise. There are some precautions you can take to host a smarter, safer party and reduce your risk for getting a ticket.

Oxford History

Image of St. Mary's Church in Oxford, Ohio.Miami University was chartered in 1809 and the town streets of Oxford were platted in 1810. The village of Oxford was incorporated in 1830 with a population of 700 residents.

A charter form of government was adopted in 1961 with a seven member City Council to serve as the governing body and a City Manager to run daily operations.

The heart of the uptown district runs through the middle of the Mile Square. Also located in this area are the McCullough-Hyde Hospital, Lane Public Library, the Municipal Building, Oxford Police Department, Oxford Fire Department, Area I Court Building, area schools, and many local churches and religious organizations.

In the 1950's, annexation of lands outside the Mile Square began and the city boundaries changed.

By the 1970's, Oxford’s population grew large enough to become a city.

  • 1950's—the village expanded to 1.25 miles
  • 1980s—the City grew to roughly 4 miles in size
  • 1996—Oxford City limits expanded to 5.7 miles

Correspondingly, Miami University has grown over the years as well:

  • In 1950 there were 5,000 students.
  • In 1967 there were about 10,000 students.
  • In 1980 there were 15,000 students.
  • In 2000 there were 16,500 students, and this number has held relatively steady since then.

As the student population increased, the demand for housing increased and much of the older housing was converted to student rentals, particularly in the Mile Square.

Community Resources

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City of Oxford

Provides information on rental permits, utilities, parking, laws/ordinances, and City Departments (e.g. fire, police, parks, etc.).
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Enjoy Oxford

Looking for things to do in Oxford? Enjoy Oxford provides recommendations and suggested itineraries for a day out! You may be surprised at what Oxford can offer art enthusiasts, historians, nature lovers, and those just seeking adventure.

A great place to start in learning about your many options for exploring and enjoying Oxford.

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