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Laws and Ordinances

Every city or town has local laws and Oxford is no exception. It is the responsibility of each resident to know what those laws are and abide by them. The laws that most often pertain to students are gathered here to ensure students have all the information needed to live violation-free in Oxford.


In a small community like Oxford, it is very important to understand the impact that daily living and personal actions have on the community as a whole.

As Miami continues a focus on integrity, both inside and outside the classroom, we expect students to build and maintain respectful community/student relations within Oxford’s neighborhoods.

Repeat offenses of noise, trash, party litter, or outdoor furniture at the same address may be treated as an alleged violation of the student code of conduct per the Good Neighbor Policy. As a consequence, all the residents of that address could be subject to disciplinary action from the Office of Community Standards.


The goal and focus of alcohol and other drug education at Miami University is to prepare students to make legal, low-risk choices about drinking during college and in the future.


While many of your neighbors in Oxford might be students, Oxford is also full of young families, retired couples, and young professionals. Many of these long-time Oxford residents are not likely to keep the same schedule or lifestyle as the typical college student. Oxford has enacted some laws pertaining to the acceptable levels of noise in local neighborhoods.

Outdoor Furniture

Furniture not manufactured for outdoor use is strictly prohibited on porches, in lawn areas, alleys, or any other outside area. This prohibition is in place to protect the health and welfare of all Oxford residents as inappropriate furniture left outdoors can lead to rodent and insect infestations and can be consider a fire hazard.

Trash and Litter

Trash and litter, similar to noise, can be a quality of life issue for Oxford residents. The City of Oxford has enacted a number of trash and litter regulations to protect the quality of life for you and others who call our city home.