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Trash and Litter

Trash and litter, similar to noise, can be a quality of life issue for Oxford residents. The City of Oxford has enacted a number of trash and litter regulations to protect the quality of life for you and others who call our city home.

Trash Containers

  • All garbage must be in containers with lids securely fastened.
  • No plastic bags or boxes of garbage should be left next to containers.
  • Trash is limited to ten containers or items per week. If your unit is using multiple trash containers, you might consider the larger waste wheeler which is available through the Oxford Utility Department.
  • There is a 32 gallon, 60 pound capacity limit. If you cannot lift it, it is too heavy.
  • Large items, such as a couch or chair, will be taken if set at the curb with cans.
  • Rumpke will not take construction materials. No wood, cinder blocks, cabinets, carpet, etc.

Trash Storage Area

Trash and trash containers may not be stored in the front of your house or on the front porch. Check with the landlord about where your trash containers should be stored. Keep that storage area clean.


Residents are responsible for keeping litter from collecting on the property—no matter how the litter got there. Yards, driveways, sidewalks and street lawns (area of grass and trees between the public sidewalk and the street curb), are to be kept litter free. Don't forget under bushes, beside and behind the house, and on the porch.

Party litter/trash must be cleaned up immediately following a party. Ask your party guests to properly dispose of cans, bottles, plates, etc. Provide plenty of trash containers for this purpose.

Litter citations can be written as a criminal misdemeanor or an administrative ticket. Criminal misdemeanors come with a fine and court costs, while administrative tickets include a fine.

As an off-campus student, you should also familiarize with the Good Neighbor Policy to learn how Miami handles these off-campus citations.