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Being a Good Neighbor

You can enhance your off-campus living experience by getting to know your neighbors and by being a responsible, considerate member of the Oxford community. Lay the groundwork for a positive relationship by introducing yourself within the first couple of weeks after moving in.

Behaviors to Avoid

Just as there are ways to build a positive relationship with neighbors, there are certainly ways to damage those relationships as well. Do NOT:

  • Walk through other’s yards for personal convenience.
  • Lack the judgment to appropriately find a bathroom.
  • Deface or steal other’s property.
  • Damage other’s trees, shrubs, and gardens.
  • Litter other’s yards, driveways, and sidewalks.
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Oxford Laws Protect Property

Oxford laws expect that residents will appropriately respect the property of others. No excuse is justifiable to damage or vandalize other’s property.

Please call the appropriate resources to report and help stop unlawful behavior.