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Housing Issues

While living in your off-campus house or apartment, you may encounter any of a whole host of issues, and it's important for you to know your rights, as well as your obligations, as a tenant of a rental unit or house in Ohio.

Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant, you must:

  • Keep the premises safe and sanitary.
  • Dispose of all garbage in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Keep plumbing fixtures in the dwelling unit as clean as their condition permits. 
  • Operate all electrical and plumbing fixtures properly.
  • Comply with the standards imposed by all state and local housing, health and safety codes.
  • Not intentionally or negligently destroy, deface, damage or remove any fixture, appliance or other part of the premises, or allow your guests to do so. 
  • Keep clean and use appropriately any appliances the landlord has provided and promptly tell your landlord if your appliances need repair.  
  • Not disturb, or allow your guests to disturb, your neighbors.
  • Not allow controlled substances (such as drugs) to be present on the property.
  • Allow your landlord reasonable access (upon 24 hours notice) to the premises to inspect, make repairs or show the property to prospective buyers or renters. Twenty-four hours of notice is not required in emergencies, or for the landlord to deliver large parcels, or upon agreement with the landlord.
  • Not allow sexual predators to occupy the unit if the unit is located within 1,000 feet of a school, preschool or child daycare center.

The tenant cannot change any of these legal duties, but the landlord may agree to assume responsibility for fulfilling any of them.

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More on Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

This information, based on Ohio law, is issued to inform you, not to advise you about your particular case. Do not try to apply or interpret the law without help from an attorney who knows the facts, which may change the way the law is applied.

Low-income tenants may qualify for free legal services from legal aid programs, which are available in all Ohio counties.

To contact a legal aid provider near you, call 1-866-LAW-OHIO.