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College of Arts and Science Messaging Guide


How does the College of Arts and Science fit into the Power of Will story?

The Power of Will is about quiet confidence, optimism, and resolve. It’s about humans, what they can accomplish, and how they can help others. It’s about the people who embody Miami’s values, who work daily to understand more deeply and connect more meaningfully.

Students study within the College of Arts and Science across a huge range of disciplines, but they share common traits. While enhancing their critical thinking and broadening their understanding, they pursue a field of study that fuels passion as much as it builds careers. We help our students turn their will into results, transforming experiential education into rich, rewarding lives.

The Power of Will is designed to empower and support, never to alienate or intimidate. It is what bolsters our mission to help others accomplish great things at Miami. We provide the resources, opportunities, and support vital to meeting a wide range of goals.

Whether our students are here for botany or political science, English or physics, the College of Arts and Science provides flexibility and personalized attention, empowering each student with the problem-solving skills and personal support they need to build a rewarding career and fulfilling life.


When it's time to apply these concepts to real-world communications like emails, blogs, social media posts, etc., keep in mind the things that make the College of Arts and Science unique. These will naturally fit with Miami's brand pillars and The Power of Will campaign.

Here are some prompts you can use if you're feeling stuck:

The Power of Will is about tenacity, determination, and resilience. How do we show that?

The Power of Will is empowering and never alienating. How do we help others live up to and exceed their potential?

The Power of Will is about Miami University as a community succeeding through confident action, intentional collaboration, and mutual support. How is our work demonstrating that approach?


How do we take what makes the College of Arts and Science unique and blend it with Miami's messaging?

Brand Pillars + Your Pride Points + The Power of Will = Your Story

Find places where Miami University's brand pillars and your pride points intersect— and when possible, use The Power of Will as a creative framework to elevate your message and help strengthen the Miami University story. Practically speaking, seek out opportunities to build messages around the word "will," clearly communicating will as an empowering invitation brought to life through the powerful support and opportunities Miami University offers. Here are a few examples:

Brand Pillar Pride Point Headline/Subhead Example Copy
Understand Deeply Mentors with industry experience, portfolio-building real-world projects, and access to research. Knowledge without understanding is just data. Miami’s College of Arts and Science will empower you with the context and tools to build a career from your passion. Nearly half of all Miami students pursue disciplines in the College of Arts and Science, with studies ranging from anthropology to zoology and nearly every stop between. Whatever you study, there’s a shared fundamental priority: deep understanding of our chosen discipline, of ourselves, and of others. We promote intellectual discovery and personal development because the future will be built by those who understand how the world really works. And at Miami, that is exactly who you will become.
Learn Broadly Creative problem solving, innovative thinking, and skills that prepare you for a rapidly changing job market. You will be ready. The skills and innovative thinking you need to be in demand: The College of Arts and Science. In the Miami University College of Arts and Science, you will pursue your passion and prepare for career success. From a comprehensive core curriculum to global study opportunities, a wide-ranging education is at your fingertips. Creative problem solving, communication and leadership skills, and innovative thinking are just a few of the tools that will contribute to your success here and beyond.
Think Entrepreneurially Developing skills for success in a dynamic global society. You will transform a calling into a career. Develop a mind for expertise and the eye for opportunity with the College of Arts and Science. As the world changes, the barriers between disciplines blur. Today’s students will become tomorrow’s agile, successful leaders by learning to use unconventional thinking to find possibilities where others see problems. A collaborative, interdisciplinary mindset with an entrepreneur’s eye for opportunity is vital, and the College of Arts and Science instills this across diverse disciplines. Whatever you study, you will develop skills for success in a dynamic global society.
Serve Purposefully The CAS disciplines apply to real world problems. Your work will matter. The arts and sciences have a direct impact on the world. Make yours with the College of Arts and Science. The arts and humanities, natural and biological sciences, and social sciences apply directly to real-world problems, no matter if the discipline is environmental earth science, public administration, literature, or any of the other 60 majors within the College of Arts and Science. We offer a comprehensive education with an eye on global understanding and impact, because we see that all disciplines ultimately serve one goal—a better world. You can pursue your passions, and you will apply them in ways that build stronger communities, improve lives, and empower fulfilling careers.
Connect Intentionally Personalized attention and hands-on learning throughout experiential opportunities. You will build relationships and make lifelong connections in the College of Arts and Science. Meaningful personal connection and collaboration can make our work richer and more rewarding. We prioritize intentional connection and diverse viewpoints through experiential education that empowers students to build lasting, meaningful relationships in their work and life. Don’t just ask how much you can achieve. Ask how much we will achieve together.

NOTE: These examples were not developed for a specific audience or channel. They are intended to be helpful guides to how you might integrate with The Power of Will and Miami University’s brand pillars with your own stories.