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Brand Concept Toolkit

The Power of Will


Brand Pillars—Miami University's brand identity is rooted in five pillars that represent Miami's essential values: Understand Deeply, Learn Broadly, Think Entrepreneurially, Serve Purposefully, Connect Intentionally. These pillars represent what Miami stands for as well as how we stand out.

The Power of Will Campaign—With this campaign, we work to establish a national reputation for Miami University as an institution that lives up to its pillars—an institution made of many distinct programs with their own differentiators and pride points, all of which are unified under one brand.

Your Story—Authentic differentiators and pride points are what separate effective messaging from generic higher ed marketing jargon. The people who make your division special, the stories of overcoming obstacles, of surprising outcomes, of determination, care, and collaboration. This is the foundation of everything we say.


Brand Unity—It's important to Miami University as a whole that we all speak the same language. A national presence is built on consistency, trust, and proof. We can present a unified brand and still showcase what makes your division different from the rest, what makes it truly noteworthy.

Outcomes—Here is the practical "why" behind all this: by communicating the Miami University story clearly and consistently through a shared creative framework, we will build a stronger national reputation, foster a better understanding of what our divisions offer, and inspire the diverse, talented students who will thrive at Miami University.