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Farmer School of Business Messaging Guide


How does the Farmer School of Business fit into the Power of Will story?

The Power of Will is about quiet confidence, optimism, and resolve. It’s about humans, what they can accomplish, and how they can help others. It’s about the people who embody Miami’s values, who work daily to understand more deeply and connect more meaningfully.

At the Farmer School of Business, our core values are integrity, responsibility, and respect. We know that tomorrow’s business leaders need not only to be agile and business savvy, but also interdisciplinary, collaborative, and ethical. Our students arrive driven and resilient (it’s why they choose us), and we support their development every step of the way.

The Power of Will is designed to empower and support, never to alienate or intimidate. When we tell someone they will accomplish great things at Miami, we’re saying it’s our purpose to help them accomplish great things. We provide the resources, opportunities, and support vital to meeting a wide range of goals.

We are proud of the stellar career and salary outcomes of our graduates. They succeed because our students step into the world beyond ready to leave their mark.


When it's time to apply these concepts to real-world communications like emails, blogs, social media posts, etc., keep in mind the things that make the Farmer School of Business unique. These will naturally fit with Miami's brand pillars and The Power of Will campaign.

Here are some prompts you can use if you're feeling stuck:

The Power of Will is about tenacity, determination, and resilience. How do we show that?

The Power of Will is empowering and never alienating. How do we help others live up to and exceed their potential?

The Power of Will is about Miami University as a community succeeding through confident action, intentional collaboration, and mutual support. How is our work demonstrating that approach?


How do we take what makes the Farmer School of Business unique and blend it with Miami's messaging?

Brand Pillars + Your Pride Points + The Power of Will = Your Story

Find places where Miami University's brand pillars and your pride points intersect— and when possible, use The Power of Will as a creative framework to elevate your message and help strengthen the Miami University story. Practically speaking, seek out opportunities to build messages around the word "will," clearly communicating will as an empowering invitation brought to life through the powerful support and opportunities Miami University offers. Here are a few examples:

Brand Pillar Pride Point Headline/Subhead Example Copy
Understand Deeply Experiential learning and strong faculty/student engagement. To rank high, we dig deep. Serious scholarship balanced with hands-on experience at the Farmer School of Business. Knowledge of business principles is only the first step in building a fulfilling, successful career. The ability to apply those principles ethically, to lead teams, juggle priorities, and make lasting connections—this deep learning is the work of the Farmer School of Business. You bring the will to excel, and we provide the support and experiences to ensure you’re beyond ready to take on any challenge.
Learn Broadly First-year integrated core. They call them "soft skills," we call them the fundamentals. Leadership, teamwork, presentations, and entrepreneurial thinking are central to your educational experience at the Farmer School of Business. The world is changing at dizzying speed, and tomorrow’s business leaders must think critically and creatively to meet the challenge. This requires a deep and broad understanding of the intangibles that make economies, businesses, and people tick. Ethical decision-making, analytical skills, communication, and working with diverse groups are only some of the vital tools you will acquire in the Farmer School’s hands-on first-year core curriculum.
Think Entrepreneurially Empowerment, high-touch approach, and experiential learning build entrepreneurial mindsets. The will to make your mark and the eye to find the opportunity—think like an entrepreneur in any situation with the Farmer School of Business. Entrepreneurial thinking isn’t just for entrepreneurs. The self-starting mindset that seeks out opportunity, that’s beyond ready to take the leap, that isn’t afraid to lead and serve—this is the mindset that all Farmer School of Business students cultivate. Through experiential learning and a focus on strategic risk-taking, we empower you to use it to make a difference in your career.
Serve Purposefully Leadership for the greater good. Ethical leaders make a difference. You will find success beyond the self. The Farmer School of Business. Prodesse Quam Conspici. To accomplish without being conspicuous. It’s on the Miami University seal, and it’s part of the Farmer School of Business principles. It means leadership for the greater good and the will to lead with integrity, respect, and responsibility. The richest work has a purpose beyond itself. Purpose that improves lives, builds connections, and leaves the world a little better than we found it.
Connect Intentionally Valuable connections through student organizations. You will start your network today. Farmer School of Business students build networks and relationships that last a lifetime. All business ultimately relies on human relationships, whether simple transactions or global partnerships. Student organizations, honorary societies, and collaborative work at the Farmer School of Business are a few of the ways you will build successful teams and lasting connections.

NOTE: These examples were not developed for a specific audience or channel. They are intended to be helpful guides to how you might integrate with The Power of Will and Miami University’s brand pillars with your own stories.