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Miami Regionals Messaging Guide


How do the Miami regionals fit into the Power of Will story?

The Power of Will is about quiet confidence, optimism, and resolve. It’s about humans, what they can accomplish, and how they can help others. It’s about the people who embody Miami’s values, who work daily to understand more deeply and connect more meaningfully.

Miami Regionals broaden the reach and scope of The Power of Will, providing a wider base of resourceful, determined students with a Miami University degree and the individual support they need to meet and exceed their goals.

The Power of Will is designed to empower and support, never to alienate or intimidate. When we tell someone they will accomplish great things at Miami, we’re saying it’s our purpose to help them accomplish great things. We provide the resources, opportunities, and support vital to meeting a wide range of goals.

Students at Miami Regionals have distinct individual backgrounds, experiences, and goals. We provide access to high-quality applied education, true commitment to our regional communities, and dedication to individual student success. Our students arrive with the will to succeed, and leave with the tools to launch their careers.


When it's time to apply these concepts to real-world communications like emails, blogs, social media posts, etc., keep in mind the things that make the Miami Regionals unique. These will naturally fit with Miami's brand pillars and The Power of Will campaign.

Here are some prompts you can use if you're feeling stuck:

The Power of Will is about tenacity, determination, and resilience. How do we show that?

The Power of Will is empowering and never alienating. How do we help others live up to and exceed their potential?

The Power of Will is about Miami University as a community succeeding through confident action, intentional collaboration, and mutual support. How is our work demonstrating that approach?


How do we take what makes the Miami Regionals unique and blend it with Miami's messaging?

Brand Pillars + Your Pride Points + The Power of Will = Your Story

Find places where Miami University's brand pillars and your pride points intersect— and when possible, use The Power of Will as a creative framework to elevate your message and help strengthen the Miami University story. Practically speaking, seek out opportunities to build messages around the word "will," clearly communicating will as an empowering invitation brought to life through the powerful support and opportunities Miami University offers. Here are a few examples:

Brand Pillar Pride Point Headline/Subhead Example Copy
Understand Deeply Impactful research experiences. Because "why" is as important as "what." Deep understanding begins with the will to ask questions. Academic excellence and true scholarship aren't just about knowledge — they're about understanding. Understanding why things work, and how to apply your knowledge. Miami Regionals champion deep learning that you will apply to your work and life.
Learn Broadly Hands-on learning and sustainable, dynamic curriculum. You will be ready wherever your career takes you, with multidisciplinary, hands-on education at Miami Regionals. A diverse education builds richer knowledge. Knowledge that matters. Knowledge that becomes action. Miami Regionals provide a dynamic curriculum designed to deliver an expansive education based in critical thinking, experiential learning, and innovative teaching. So that you will graduate ready to say, "I will."
Think Entrepreneurially Commitment to personal development and mentoring. You already have the drive. Get the mentors and tools to open opportunities. At Miami Regionals, you'll connect with personal development and mentors who are entrepreneurs and researchers. They'll empower you to make the most of all of your skills and potential. The mindset you find will help you expand your vision of what you do next. You will find opportunities where you never expected them.
Serve Purposefully Focus on accessibility and community. Miami Regionals: access, community, excellence. That's the power of will. Miami Regionals focus on access and affordability because we believe in better communities and strong community partnerships. Work that serves people and improves lives, begins with an education that cultivates the will to make the world a little better every day.
Connect Intentionally We develop relationships. Build connections and community. You will find your people with Miami Regionals. Relationships live at the core of everything we do. Our regional locations reside in the heart of the communities we serve, and we work to deepen relationships not only with our students, but with employers, leaders, and organizations. We believe Miami is for everyone, and we focus on providing access, affordability, and tangible support ranging from professional development to quality child care so that no one misses any opportunity. We do the work because it takes more than words to build tomorrow's leaders. It takes will.

NOTE: These examples were not developed for a specific audience or channel. They are intended to be helpful guides to how you might integrate with The Power of Will and Miami University’s brand pillars with your own stories.