Aanchtaakia Graduate Fellow

The Myaamia Center at Miami University seeks Indigenous scholars interested in working within the Myaamia Center’s interdisciplinary research and development environment. Applicants must be interested in the preservation and dissemination of Indigenous language, culture, history, ecological perspectives, or related topics that support the continuance and education of Indigenous epistemologies within their prospective communities.


2023: Chistopher Bowyer

2022: Jared Nally

2021: April Hester


About the Aanchtaakia Graduate Fellowship

Aanchtaakia is the Myaamia word meaning ‘change maker.’ This fellowship is specifically designed for tribal scholars motivated to make positive change in tribal communities and to share their research or interests on Miami University’s campus. Applicants admitted into their graduate program of interest at Miami University can apply to the fellowship.The fellowship program offers 100% instructional and 33% fee waiver along with a stipend.. The fellowship program encourages members of any federally recognized tribe, Alaskan Indian Village, or Native Hawaiian as defined by the U.S. Government’s Federal Register to apply to this program.

The Myaamia Center is a tribally-directed research and educational development center located on Miami University’s campus in Oxford, OH. As a community-driven center embedded within a 50-year relationship between the sovereign Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University, the center provides a unique opportunity for students to work with an interdisciplinary staff of researchers and educators who are directly involved in community driven revitalization work. A wide range of Indigenous topics may be explored in the center that directly support the revitalization of language and culture for the Miami Tribe community.

Application and Nomination Process

Students who are interested in applying for the Aanchtaakia Graduate Fellowship should contact Jennifer Jones-Scott at scottjs@miamioh.edu to receive a link to the Myaamia Center’s application form.

Miami departments who would like to nominate a student should contact Jennifer Jones-Scott at scottjs@miamioh.edu for the Aanchtaakia Department Nomination Form. Nominations must include a letter of support from the Graduate Director or Department Chair that addresses the applicant’s qualifications and academic promise. Additionally, the nominated student will be asked to complete the process by filling out the Myaamia Center’s application form. Nominations should be submitted to Jennifer Jones-Scott at scottjs@miamioh.edu.

Applications and nominations are due annually on February 15th or on March 15th. Applications and nominations will be accepted after March 15th if awards are available. The total number of awards per academic program are limited.

Decision Process

The review process will start the week following February 15th and March 15th, with decisions being announced within two weeks. Selection will be based on the strength of the nomination, considering the applicant's graduate application, and the letter of support and recommendation.