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University Statements

University statement regarding demonstrations

Miami University’s top priority is the safety and well being of all of our students

University Statements

University statement regarding demonstrations

Update 5/8

On Thursday, May 2, a group of students and faculty marched from Western Campus to the Hub, at which point they set up an encampment in violation of our Use of University Property policy. We worked with them to allow for a concession regarding their camping location and to come into compliance by taking down their tents and awnings in the academic quad by Friday morning, which they did, so they were permitted to remain on site for 48 hours as outlined in that policy. They had a deadline of Saturday, May 4, at 9 p.m. to leave the site, which they did without incident. There were no suspensions or arrests made.

Original statement 5/3

We have all seen the demonstrations and conflict at universities across the United States related to the war in the Middle East, sometimes resulting in clashes between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups. While we have not had incidents of violence or unrest at Miami during the last seven months, students have held demonstrations and vigils throughout the year expressing multiple views about the war and its impact. Those events and demonstrations have been in compliance with university policy and protected by the First Amendment.

Two student organizations set up an unauthorized encampment with two tents last night on university property. They were notified that they were violating university policy, and have since come into compliance.

As with any demonstration, university staff have been present to maintain student safety and enforce compliance with university policies.

The safety of our students is Miami University’s top priority, and that priority will guide university actions. Encampments create the need to provide continuous safety and security resources, which can divert these important resources away from the rest of our community. They can interfere with students’ ability to attend classes and prepare for finals and can strain the resources and facilities of the buildings located nearby.

We continue to prioritize providing support and care for all of our students. Throughout this year, members of our student life staff have been in regular contact with students and student organizations discussing their concerns and supporting their well-being. We will continue to do so.

Miami University staff will continue to monitor events across Ohio and here on campus and respond accordingly, protecting the right to freedom of expression while enforcing university policies.