Obligation to Notify University of Suspension or Revocation of Driver License
This policy requires any employee who drives a University-owned or University-leased motor vehicle to have a valid state of Ohio or other state of residence license to drive and to notify the supervisor of the employee immediately upon receipt of any notification that his/her license to drive has been suspended, revoked, or has in any way been modified or subjected to restrictions not previously known to the supervisor. The supervisor is required to report this information to the appropriate personnel office (Department of Human Resources or Academic Personnel Services).
Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions
This policy requires self-disclose of criminal convictions, within three (3) business days of the conviction to the director of the appropriate personnel office (Department of Human Resources or Academic Personnel Services). A crime is violation of a local or state law of this or any other state or law of the United States where time in jail is a possible penalty. For the purpose of this policy, a minor misdemeanor traffic offense is not a criminal conviction, but driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal conviction.
Determining Levels of Graduate Faculty Standing
This policy establishes the criteria for determining levels of graduate faculty standing, including interpretations of the criteria.
Limitations for Graduate Faculty Standing
This policy governs the limitations on graduate faculty standing based on faculty rank.
Procedures for Appointing Graduate Faculty Members
This policy governs the procedures for obtaining graduate faculty standing.
Personal Leave
This policy governs the basis for and use of personal leave by faculty and unclassified administrative staff.
Reporting and Addressing Illegal Activity and Misconduct
This policy directs employees and students to report unethical and/or illegal conduct; identifies the office to which such reports should be made; establishes an anonymous reporting system; and protects those who report from retaliation. The policy also requires all employees and students to cooperate truthfully in a University investigation.
5-10-18 Weekly Three
Faculty Hiring update, Update on University Senate actions, 2018-19 Admission update, Summer Reading Program Student Discussion/Facilitators, and reminders about final grade submission, Tech Fee Proposal Awards change in process
From instrument repair to financial fixes, Bill Lack to help veterans during retirement
After 32 years at Miami, Bill Lack will retire June 29 with fond memories of the people he has worked with and of the repairs and projects too numerous to list here.