New exhibit explores revitalization of Miami, Peoria tribes' art form
A recently opened exhibit in Oxford explores the practice of creating painted deerskin hides by the Miami and Peoria tribes of Oklahoma. Tana Weingartner, 91.7 WVXU, February 7, 2024
IT Services Celebrates Innovation Award Winners
We would like to congratulate several members of the IT Services family who have been awarded Miami’s Creativity and Innovation Award.
Thinking Creatively About Capstone Projects
Thinking Creatively About Capstone Projects
Fake Resumes Via Word Files Disguising LockBit Ransomware
The information and security team has been made aware of recent security attacks sent via email with fake resumes attached to them. Learn what these attacks are and how to avoid them.
Senate News, January 29, 2024
Minutes of the University Senate meeting from December 4, 2023 were approved. Senate received the Graduate Council Minutes from December 5, 2023 on the Consent Calendar. The following resolutions were passed: SR 24-06 Graduate Assistantship Policy Proposal SR 24-07 EDP-Counselor Education-Master of Education Two special reports were presented: Brooke Flinders provided an introduction to her role as Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. Mark Krafft, Partner for Bain and Company, presented a summary of the Senate Retreat Focus Group Input from the January 22, 2024 retreat session. Updates regarding low-enrolled majors and the Pan-Humanities Workshop were provided by Provost Mullenix.
Miami Establishes Mental Health Incubator Fund
Miami is launching a mental health incubator fund to catalyze innovative initiatives enhancing student mental health and well-being. The fund, open to faculty, staff, and student proposals, offers financial support ranging from $500 to $20,000 for projects fostering mental health education, prevention, skill-building, and more.
January Workday Update
Workday is transitioning from the Architect and Configure phase into Testing with lots of ongoing activities.
RapidIdentity Go-Live Sneak Peek
Here are some sneak peeks that you can expect to experience as we transition to the new IGA tool.
Upcoming: DMARC compliance enforcement
Do you ever send more than 5,000 emails per day to recipients outside the Miami domain (i.e., to @Gmail.com or @Yahoo.com addresses)? If so, this notice is for you!
Minohsayaki 'Painted Robes' Exhibition at Miami University gives voice to Peewaalia and Myaamia peoples
The exhibition, which runs from Jan. 30 through June 8, will feature a number of recent examples of painted deer hides and document the process of revitalization of this tradition after its decline from the 1700s. Miami University Communications and Marketing, Jan 23, 2024
Miami wins NASPA Award for "Students Fight Back: Stepping Up Against Violence" Program
Miami University received the "Outstanding Peer Education Program Award" for its innovative initiative, "Students Fight Back: Stepping Up Against Violence." The collaborative effort involving HAWKS Peer Health Educators, Intercollegiate Athletics, and It’s on Us showcases the university's dedication to addressing societal issues through teamwork and leadership, as recognized at the NASPA Strategies conference in January.
Login change: Duo Universal Prompt
After Jan. 24, when you log in, the Duo prompt will look at little different.