Securing External Support for Projects in Research, Instruction, and Public Service
This policy governs proposals seeking external support in the form of a contract, grant, or cooperative agreement, whether from a public or private funding source. Approval by the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS)is required.
Use of Bicycles and Personal Transportation Devices
This policy governs the possession and use of bicycles, Segways, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and other similar types of personal transportation devices in and on University property.
Appendix | Supplementary Disciplinary Procedures
APPENDIX A. Definitions – Title IX Violations
Buildings and Grounds
This policy limits the use of University property to the purposes for which they have been designated. The policy also address the maintenance of University property and installation of cameras in University owned property. The policy prohibits the use of state owned equipment or facilities for any kind of non-sanctioned private instruction or other type of non-sanctioned private enterprise.